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Time for a Reset

Going into the new year with a fresh mindset.

Post Holiday Season

My favorite time of the year is after the stir of the holiday season. For me, it is a time to set my intentions for the new year and reflect on the goals I reached from the previous one. I admittedly get a little slack with my workouts around Christmas. Christmas is for eggnog and homemade cookies, right? So by the time NYE has arrived I am ready for a new start. Both mentally and physically.

Clean out the Clutter

I do not believe in waiting for "spring cleaning". Once I get in the swing of putting all the holiday decorations away I am moving forward with adding some fresh décor and getting rid of unnecessary things that no longer bring me joy. (any Marie Kondo fans?!) Putting the decorations away can be depressing so I make sure to add fresh flowers to my home to keep my spirits high.


Just because the weather may be cold and depressing outside doesn't mean you and your home have to be. Focus on the things that bring your happiness, and surround yourself by them. If reading makes you happy, set the time aside to read. If you need those extra endorphins from exercise, find a program you like and stick with it. Don't have time? Make time! Get up thirty minutes earlier- go to bed thirty minutes earlier. You can even find joy in the simple things. I love candles, especially when I am lounging on my sofa. So I always make sure I have extra boxes of candles in my house. I even started making my own which I will talk about in another blog. Highly recommend if you are a fellow candle lover.


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