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Ten Year Challenge

Updated: Jan 27, 2022

Better with Burton is hopping on board with the ten year challenge trend.

First International Design Award

Big smiles! In 2012 I won my first International Design Award for my first full remodel. NanaWall systems awarded us "Most Fun" design worldwide.

(article in link below)

Our client is one of the best poker players in the world with a vibrant personality. His personal style imitates his personality with a love of bright colors and funky patterns.

At the time I had a partner and we were both learning and growing as designers. This project helped us both evolve and expand our design capabilities. We were specifying the latest materials and electronics and had to create solutions for wiring and weight. (Electronics had a lot of wires and were a lot heavier back then).

One of our biggest hurdles was when our client wanted a 88" television (the largest at the time) and he wanted to be able to view it from every open area on the main floor, and from his pool outside.

Design Solution


We were working with Artesia Kitchen & Baths out of Las Vegas and we came up with a solution. The television would be mounted on a rotating and movable "wall" that would appear to be floating but would have a track on the ceiling and small wheels at the base to be able to handle the weight of the television. The inside where the television hangs can rotate and the "wall" / "credenza" can move forward and backward. This would allow the television to be viewed from various points and enough space for a traditional pool game. Our client is a huge Bob Marley fan so we hung a large framed picture of him on the other side of the rotating wall.



All Before and After Images

If you want to see the complete remodel please click on the gallery and let me know what you think.

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