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Why ceiling design is important.

Textures add depth

When you mix different textures, patterns, and finishes it adds depth to a space. The combination of materials will also add natural drama. Do not be afraid to use different finishes together. I have clients all the time ask if it is okay to have contrasting wood stains or metal finishes. With my designs I encourage an eclectic mix. If a room is monochromatic (like the bedroom above) and you want to add dimension without adding a new color, you can easily achieve this by incorporating new textiles like natural materials, wallpaper, or paint.

Paint is the most affordable option

You can really change the look of a room by changing the paint color. If you have a small room you can paint the ceiling a couple shades lighter than the walls to make the ceiling feel taller. If you already have high ceilings you can paint the ceiling in a dramatic or contrasting color to add more dimension.

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