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Layering Textures

Updated: Apr 30, 2021

The textiles you choose can make or break a design. I personally like to add a lot of different textures to my rooms.

Textures add depth

When you mix different textures, patterns, and finishes it adds depth to a space. The combination of materials will also add natural drama. Do not be afraid to use different finishes together. I have clients all the time ask if it is okay to have contrasting wood stains or metal finishes. With my designs I encourage an eclectic mix. If a room is monochromatic (like the bedroom above) and you want to add dimension without adding a new color, you can easily achieve this by incorporating new textiles.

Window Treatments

You can really dress up a room with layering your window treatments. I personally love the new trend of a textured shade (like bamboo or a textured linen) with a curtain overlay. You can even go a step further and have a sheer curtain under a heavier textured curtain like velvet.


I also love to add plants to my designs for several reasons:

  • As they grow your design evolves

  • They add another layer of texture

  • Plants make your indoor air quality better

(there will be another blog soon all about Plants)


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