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How to decorate like a pro behind your sofa

Open concept living spaces are the new normal. So what do you do when your sofa is in the middle of the room and not against a wall? You add a credenza or console table.

Instead of looking at the back of a sofa you can add a console with shelving and display bibelots, books, plants, etc. Another option would be a closed credenza or low buffet. Just make sure the piece you choose is not taller than the sofa itself. I like to select a piece that is at least 6" lower.

Items you can place on top of the selected furniture piece:

Lamps- create ambience and add another layer of dimension

Decorative bowl or vase- I personally like to add these to the top shelf. Not only do they look beautiful, you can also hide snacks inside : )

Plants- if you know me, you know I have a total plant obsession.

Decanter- even if you are not a drinker you can still use these beautiful works of art and fill them with water or an oil

Diffuser- preferably one with a contrasting material from the furniture piece (i.e. a glass diffuser on a wooden credenza)

Books- your girl loves some books! Keep your current novel on standby and go to a thrift store and find decorative ones.

Trinkets- yeah, I said it. I feel like it is so cliché to decorate with bibelots, but everyone has something meaningful to them they could display. Just do it in moderation. (groups of 3)

Candles- If you are not using lamps I suggest adding a candle or three.

Pictures- Pick one to two good pictures. I like to layer mine one in front of the other with about an inch overlap. If they are on the top shelf I would not have them more than 4" taller than the back of the sofa. Ideally, I would put them on a lower shelf.

Another option I LOVE

If you choose a console table you can add poufs or ottomans underneath. Just make sure it is tall and wide enough for the pouf to slide under. Ideally, I wouldn't have it stick out more than a couple inches. I love having these on hand. They are great as additional seating for guests or as foot rests.

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