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What does your front door say about you?

Think about it. It is the first thing someone notices on your home.

I for one am OBSESSED with beautiful doors. Weird? Probably. But I can not resist admiring an ornate door. My husband, my travel partner, is used to me drooling over doors as we walk the streets of a new city. I mean, I still do it in the current city I live in as well. In my opinion, a custom door can make or break a home.

You don't necessarily need to add a lot of detail or hire a millwork specialist. A fun pop of color to a basic door can change the look dramatically. While in Malta we became enamored by the scintillating blue tones the residents used on their doors and shutters.

They also custom make door knockers. The most common is the lion head. We popped into a shop and learned the meaning behind the lion head door knocker.

The lion has been used as a symbol by many ancient cultures and is thought to signify strength, pride, protection and power. A lion head door knocker acts a guardian to the home.

After this explanation we naturally had to purchase one. Now it is time to paint our front door a brilliant blue to display our lion head properly.

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